Hillyer Early Care and Preschool, Dayton OH
An Early Educational Program for Infants, Toddlers and Preschoolers
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Light Table
Decorating xmas tree
Decorating Cookies for Family Night
Caring for animals helps teach responsibility and nature.
Coaster ride
Experimenting with ice and colors.
Leaf fun!
Outdoor painting
Early Communication
Mixing grass and stick soup
Playing with the mud kitchen.
Making letters with pretzel sticks
Outside story time
Playing grocery store
Hammer golf tees into a pumpkin for eye-hand coordination
Making footprints
"I did it!"
Planting vegetables
Painting with rolling marbles.
Lots of stories for the babies
Hands on sorting, counting and writing numbers.
learning to use scissors
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Browns vs. Steelers
"Grew it myself!"